The Murphy Campus: A History

By: Audrey Russel and Thea Seckinger

Have you ever wondered about the history of our school? To learn more about our school’s past, we have to rewind almost 40 years to the beginning of Murphy, or Holy Cross High School, as it was first named. It wasn’t until 1999 that the campus was moved to where it is now…Continue Reading

A Criminal Niche

By: Ian Phillips

Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, many of the facilities that came to represent the country during the Cold War were abandoned. While still remaining in the files of government buildings, the structures of socialist realism and relics of life behind the “Iron Curtain” fell into disrepair. From the ruins of these institutions rose a niche hobby comprised of criminals…Continue Reading

The Robotics Club Returns to AMHS

By: Sra. Gale, Bianca Obillo, and Joshua Navaluna

After a 2-year hiatus due to Covid restrictions, the robotics club has returned – and though we started meeting a few weeks ago, it’s not too late to get involved! We meet in the Robotics Portable (across from the P304 classroom) every Thursday from 3-5pm and Saturday from 10-12pm. Our coaches/mentors include…Continue Reading

Shoutout DECA


by Lindsay Mullins ’22

DECA is an association of students that encourages the development of business and leadership skills through academic conferences and competitions. DECA is a club at many high schools throughout the entire country. At Archbishop Murphy, DECA has been a club for around 8 years… Continue Reading 

Outdated Science Being Taught in Schools


by Ian Phillips ’23

The Rutherford-Bohr model, taught in school, depicts a hydrogen atom, centered around a nucleus and surrounded by electrons. However, this model is fundamentally opposed to the actual and more scientific models scientists use today… Continue Reading

ASB Candidate Profiles for 2022/2023


by ASB

Click here to check out the Candidate Profiles of students running for 2022/2023 class office!

An Open Letter on School Infrastructure and Maintenence 


by Anonymous ’23

Throughout my tenure as a student at AMHS, I have been able to observe the drastic changes that have occurred in the school, and none are more disheartening than that of the school’s depreciating infrastructure and our dwindling student resources… Continue Reading

The Tragedy of Titanfall 2: Part II


by Joey Chuang ’22

It is the summer of 2020. The lockdown is in full swing as the world sits at home, uncertain and isolated. As a new cycle of blockbuster games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Halo Infinite become delayed, many gamers turn to older games in order to entertain themselves. Titanfall 2, once dead and buried, is about to see the light of day once again… Continue Reading

Emma and Ethan Kormanyos: Life on the Ice


by Nicole Alvarez ’23

Emma and Ethan Kormanyos, sophomores at AMHS and an avid figure skating duo, have practically lived on the ice since they were three years old. While their history with figure skating began as nothing more than a family pastime, the twins have since made great strides in this passion of theirs, and recently achieved the impressive feat of securing positions on the United States’ 2022 National Development Team… Continue Reading

Everything about Everyone


by Makena Schick ’23

There’s a few things people don’t know about me, or don’t realize. First off – I see everything. Ok, well, not everything, but a lot. If you sit and stay quiet, people forget you’re there. To follow that up – I hear a lot too. I have something on almost everyone in the school. It’s not like I’m eavesdropping or anything…well, at least not intentionally… Continue Reading

Let ‘s Meet our Spanish Teachers!


by Cory Maxwell ’23

Many students here at Murphy have chosen to take Spanish for their foreign language credits, and they will meet at least two of our wonderful Spanish teachers throughout their highschool career. So let’s take some time to get to know all three of our Spanish teachers at AMHS… Continue Reading

The Tragedy of Titanfall 2: Part 1


by Joey Chuang ’22

Video games, at the end of the day, are meant to be fun. We play them on our phones during a bus ride, on our consoles after school, and on our computers as a way to break from the struggles of life. They let us escape from reality. In 2016, however, it seemed that for one genre of games, creating a fun experience was the last thing their publishers had in mind… Continue Reading

MLK Speech


by Mity Endeshaw ’22

Many students know who Martin Luther King is. Many of you may know about the civil rights movement, and the drastic change that African Americans have made for themselves. The Black heroes that have been named numerous times, just like MLK, Sojourner Truth, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass and many more. One thing I like to reflect on this very day is the Black lives that had to pay for the injustice that our heroes had fought to change… Continue Reading

What I Wish Others Knew About ED Recovery


by Julia Hawkins ’22

National Eating Disorder Week is February 21st-27th. It is the week to bring awareness to eating disorders, how they affect those who have them, and the recovery process. In my last article, I talked about eating disorders, including what a few of the most common ones are  and my own experiences with eating disorders –  a journey of recovery that I’m still on… Continue Reading

Eating Disorders: The Conversation That Needs to Begin



By Julia Hawkins ‘22

Eating disorders. What are the chances that someone you know has an eating disorder? It may be more likely than you think. Within the US, according to The National Eating Disorder Association,  roughly 30 million people suffer from an eating disorder, and only 40% of these men and women ever fully recover… Continue Reading

New Year’s Resolutions


by Lindsay Mullins ’24

Throughout 2021, our world has seen some major changes. Many of us were hoping to return to normal life after the COVID quarantine this past year. Many of us here at Archbishop Murphy returned to school full-time last February. By the start of the 2021-2022 school year, we were back to in-person learning. Now 2021 has come to an end, and we enter a brand-new year: 2022… Continue Reading

Unknown Fate – Add-On Story


by Kaitlyn Cunningham ’25

Our character is named Red Graves. He is a mercenary in the kingdom of Niainria employed by King Merripen. Red lives in Niainria with his fiancé Spencer. Spencer is the kingdom’s potions master and he is a member of the military cabinet with Red and many of their friends.

How do YOU think that this story should end? Submit your whimsical, humorous, or captivating continuations for publication… Continue Reading

College Essay #5


by Anonymous

My dad stood beside me as we gazed up towards the sky. We discovered a time capsule that took the form of three massive evergreen trees. Their limbs danced above us, the wind acting as the conductor, creating music only they could hear. My eyes slowly made their way down the pillar-like trunks until I was scanning the dirt around my feet… Continue Reading

College Essay #4 – Dxʷlilap

pexels-this-is-zun-1679925 (1)

by Krysta Henry ’22

ʔi, Krysta Henry tsi dsadʔ tul’al čəd Dxʷlilap (hello, my name is Krysta Henry and I am from Tulalip). I am the 7th generation descendant of the First Nations people. I am proud to be a Tulalip Tribal member. I am number 4,127 of roughly 6,000 members. As I introduce myself in Lushootseed, I can feel the presence of my ancestors and be the voice for the voiceless elders and children who have been neglected and abused since 1492… Continue Reading

College Essay #3 – The Cusp of 18


by Julia Hawkins ‘22

“You won’t live to see your 18th birthday unless you make some kind of change.” That’s what my doctor told me when I had finally opened up about my eating disorder, just over a year ago. I remember how I felt that day. I was cold and my hands were clammy, but most of all, I was terrified… Continue Reading

College Essay #2


by Anonymous

Tunnel to Towers, American Red Cross, World Vision, and the Wounded Warriors: What do these groups all have in common? They are top-rated charities according to CharityWatch.org. These are some of the best non-profits in the country in terms of the money raised versus money spent on overhead, yet between 7 and 19 percent of their donations are still spent on administrative costs. If these are the best, one can only imagine what the average and below-average organizations are spending. There must be a way to help… Continue Reading

College Essay #1


by Holly Kluck ’22

When I was eight, I refused to set up a lemonade stand like the other kids on my block. I wanted to sell something that set me apart from my neighbors and came up with the idea of postage-stamp-sized greeting cards. On Saturday mornings, I would tiptoe out of my room and stealthily collect paper, scissors, pens, and crayons. The crisp snip of my scissors cutting the white cardstock, the waxy release of a crayon pulled from the paper, and the squeak of a marker would bring my cards to life, and every Saturday, Holly Cards Inc. grew in inventory… Continue Readin

The Fascinating World of Mushrooms and Mycelium


by Ian Phillips ’23

Mycology, or the scientific study of mushrooms and fungi, is a hobby that I have recently enjoyed.  Mushrooms are among some of the largest life forms on earth. In fact, the largest living organism on earth is a mycelium network of Armillaria ostoyae, otherwise known as the “Humongous Fungus”. This single network of mycelium stretches throughout 4 square miles of forest in Oregon’s Malheur National Park… Continue Reading

The Face of the Enemy


by Sophie St. Jacques ’23

“Shouldn’t you be smart?” “Why aren’t you good at math?” “Well, you have to earn your position.” Those are all things I have been told. When people see me, they see someone Asian. Often they don’t know my ethnicity, guessing whether I’m Chinese, Vietnamese or Korean. And the reality is that I am many different things, both strengths and flaws… Continue Reading

Down Syndrome: Learn, Support, Give Back


by Cory Maxwell ’24

Have you ever met anyone that has Down syndrome? Maybe you have a relative with it, or maybe a friend. We all interact with people who have disabilities, but have we ever stopped to think about what they actually are… Continue Reading

New AMHS Staff: Bright Lights in Challenging Times


by Nicole Alvarez ’23

It’s no secret that the Archbishop Murphy community was presented with a great deal of change this past year – from online learning and altered sports seasons to modified yearly traditions and digital finals. Yet, not all of the reforms of the 2020-2021 school year were quite so challenging. For one, AMHS was greeted with an amazing new group of faculty and staff members… Continue Reading

2020-21 School Year: The Good and The Bad


by Julia Hawkins ’22

The school year is nearly over! As this year draws to a close, it’s important to reflect and look back on this insane time. The past two semesters have been full of tribulations for everyone… Continue Reading

The Mars Rover


by Lindsay Mullins ’24

The trip to Mars took almost 7 months, leaving the Earth at speeds of around 24,600 miles per hour. On February 18, Perseverance successfully landed at the Jezero crater… Continue Reading

Art Work Exhibiton – Semester 2


by Ms. McVicker’s Art Students

Check out this artwork from the second semester of Ms. McVicker’s drawing and painting class!

Flower World


by Cory Maxwell ’24

Do you enjoy gardening? Do you like to look at flowers and plants? Are you looking for a place to spend the day on a beautiful, sunny (or rainy) day? Well, there is a haven for you… Continue Reading

We Aren’t For You


by Emily Kim ’21

My mother is a woman who knows exactly what she wants. And most of the time, it gets on my nerves… Continue Reading

The Future of Seattle Sports

tim-gouw-VvQSzMJ_h0U-unsplash (1)

by Joey Chuang ’22

Sports are fun and interesting! Whether playing, analyzing, or watching, sports have provided a needed distraction from the world around them. And, many fans who watch sports are naturally fans of a specific team or teams from a specific city. Naturally, most people in Washington are fans of teams from Seattle… Continue Reading

Apollo 11


by Lindsay Mullins ’24

The Mars 2020 Space Rover, named the Perseverance, launched from Cape Canaveral on July 30, 2020, and recently landed on Mars on February 18, 2021. This landing was a big success. But many other achievements have helped us get to this point. One of these achievements is the Apollo 11 mission… Continue Reading

Love at First Zoom

by Julia Hawkins ’22

This year hasn’t gone as planned for most; with the pandemic still in full force, many extracurricular activities were put on hold, or canceled entirely. The AMHS Fine Arts was no exception; with the cancellation of the musical ‘Bright Star’ at the start of the pandemic, it wasn’t clear what the department could do this year while still following COVID guidelines. Usually, AMHS puts on a fall play in November. This year, live theater is virtually impossible. That was until Brent Stainer presented the idea of doing a movie in place of a play… Continue Reading

Student Art Work Exhibition


Check out this artwork by Mrs. McVicker’s students!

Chess: The Greatest Board Game


by Cory Maxwell ’24

Most people in the world today have at least heard of chess. I trust many of my readers even know the rules of the game. Chess has been around for 1,500 years, and those who love it are located all across the globe. No board game has ever been so popular, so studied and theorized by intellectuals, and so competed internationally. Even today, chess is popular. Netflix has released the show “The Queen’s Gambit” about Beth Harmon’s chess career which has broken records in views. With all this in mind, let us dive into our exploration of what chess is… Continue Reading

Dogs Vs. Cats: Who Will Win the Competition


by Lindsay Mullins ’24

As many people have different opinions and thoughts about this question, there is no true answer. It really depends on your personal preference. In my house, we like dogs more than cats, but our neighbors like cats more. There are many benefits to owning a dog, cat, or any other sort of pet… Continue Reading

The Mental Health of Our AMHS Student Body


by Julia Hawkins ’22

2020 has been nothing short of challenging and exhausting for everyone. Job losses and unemployment rates have skyrocketed, traditional graduations from the majority of schools across the state have been shut down since March, and very few schools are back to in-person learning full time, as Covid cases are up and rising. This year has… well, sucked for everyone. A topic that has been discussed rather frequently is the mental health of students and how they’ve been impacted this past year. I’ve had the opportunity to reach out to some students and the AMHS counseling team to get their input… Continue Reading

Photography Composition Challenge

photography thumbnail

by The Photography Club

Check out these photos from the Photography Club!

Halloween During a Pandemic?

julias pumpkin image

by Julia Hawkins ’22

Halloween 2020 was meant to be the perfect Halloween – it’s on a Saturday, which meant kids could trick or treat without the worries of waking up for school the next day. Also, it will be a full moon, which adds to the spooky atmosphere of the holiday. Unfortunately, the pandemic is still very much afoot – so, what are kids supposed to do… Continue Reading

The Increasing Importance of Leaders Of Change


by Mity Endeshaw ’23

Leaders Of Change (L.O.C.) is a club at Archbishop Murphy that allows students to voice their experiences and perspectives while educating one another. LOC also raises awareness about racial, economic, and social differences. Students and advisors in the club strive to improve Archbishop Murphy so it can be a safe and comfortable community for all, especially students of color. Advisors and students in LOC have offered to explain what the club means to them and fellow members… Continue Reading

Martin Ginsburg’s Wife



by Sophie St. Jacques ’23

Martin Ginsburg’s wife. That’s who Ruth Bader Ginsburg, or RGB, was known as and what she was called. She wasn’t acknowledged for being one of only nine women out of 522 men inducted into Harvard law, attending Harvard in only its 6th year of admitting women. . . Or as a brilliant student who was the top of her class. Nor was she recognized as the first woman to make both the Columbia and Harvard Law reviews. She was known simply as Martin Ginsburg’s wife… Continue Reading

Take a Nature Break

natalee 4

by Natalee Fischer ’23

So let’s get real for a second…how have you been feeling lately? Fatigued?… Sluggish?… Stressed? 

Going from seeing our friends and teachers every day to being isolated at home staring at a computer screen during distance learning can create or add to feelings of stress and anxiety. As silly as it may sound… Continue Reading

What Makes You Powerful?

register media

by Blake Coleman ’22

We’ve heard it a thousand times- Register to Vote.” Obviously democracy is important, but really, why should I vote? What’s my one vote against 327 million? And that’s a good question- one that this excerpt from the Yes Theory Newsletter answers quite nicely.

“240 years ago colonists of the U.S couldn’t… Continue Reading


ABS Revolutionized pic

by Nicole Alvarez ’23

With the announcement of a digital start to the school year, Murphy students wonder alike – will we still be able to connect with others, stay informed on school news, or experience yearly traditions we’ve looked forward to? Luckily for us, our ASB has been hard at work to ensure we have the best year possible, regardless of the changes to our world.

Mrs. Campbell, an ASB director, and Bethany Carino, a student on ASB’s Communications Committee, have offered to answer our burning questions… Continue Reading

Starting High School Virtually


by Lindsay Mullins ’24

Freshmen year of high school is never easy for anyone, but starting high school online opens up a whole new world of worries. From organization, making friends, and managing homework online, the class of 2024 is definitely going to have a unique freshmen year… Continue Reading

Pandemics: A Look to the Past

pandemics of the past

by Cory Maxwell ’24

For the last six months or so, COVID-19 has captured the attention and fear of many people. Experiencing a pandemic which brings about a virtual global shutdown is certainly new to us all. Obvious to all readers, I am sure, is the fact that this is not the first pandemic to ever occur, and it will certainly not be the last. Nevertheless, I’d like to take a look at one of the deadliest pandemics of the past – the Black Death – and contrast it with the situation we are in now. As you read, try to imagine yourself in Europe during this time… Continue Reading

How High The Moon

Even while the COVID-19 pandemic made it so that they could not perform their piece, “How High The Moon” in a concert, members of the jazz band, brought to you by the video editing skills of Calvin Tomsic, were able to bring you this performance from their homes. It has been a crazy and uncertain time, but these musicians are continuing to work hard and bring some beautiful music into the world.

So now, please enjoy the AMHS jazz band’s performance of “How High The Moon”.

End of the Year Awards

photo of a fresh milk beside cactus

Congratulations to all students on your work this semester, and congratulations to all those who received end of the year awards! Click here for a list of all the award recipients.

Student Spotlight: Nate Hempstead’s Projects!

A Video From Your Student Government

ASB Weekly Recap


Hey Wildcats! During this time of distance-learning, here is your go-to place for ASB announcements, activities, events! Even though we are physically separated from one another, we hope that we can still feel connected by…continue reading

To share your wildcat pride, send photos to our Instagram: @amhs_asb

The AMHS Virtual Gong Show (Limited Edition)

Are you interested in performing in this year’s virtual gong show? Keep reading for more details about how you can create and submit a video to be shared with our school community.

This is Not a Drill


by Nicole Alvarez ’23

Nobody could have known that when 15-year-old Greta Thunberg protested outside of the Swedish Parliament in August 2018, she was actually setting flame to one of the most momentous movements of all time…continue reading

A History and Analysis of eSports

keyboard gaming moody gamer

by Joey Chuang

Millions of dollars are spent on an entire genre of sports you might have never heard of. These sports attract tens of thousands of spectators from around the world. eSports, or Electronic Sports, is basically…continue reading

Finding Myself Through DECA

woman doing a presentation

by Anonymous

My heels clicked on the floor as I approached the doors to my first DECA competition. Immediately, I was welcomed by the conversations of hundreds of students and judges attempting to converse with groups around them…continue reading

Amazing Grace: A Story of Defying the Odds

red lighted candle

by Grace Lefcourt

For my entire life, I’ve been called “Amazing Grace.” I was born 12 weeks early, weighing just 1.5 lbs. I spent the first four and a half months of my life in the hospital and finally went home on oxygen and a feeding tube…continue reading

The Me in the Photo

frames on white background

by Madeline Mayans

I’ve never really liked looking at photographs of myself. Before I had social media, the only photos I saw of myself were the family photos that my parents put on the walls. They looked staged…continue reading

An Old Book, a New Love

pile of assorted novel books

by Brayden Gateley

Recently I visited an old bookstore full of used books. Upon entering I saw the bookcases of the store like a brain: cluttered and full of memories. I was inspired to explore those…continue reading

AMHS Fall Play: What Love Looks Like

photo of cruise ship on sea

By Maddie Mayans

Do you like plays? Comedy? Romance? The AMHS fall play this year has all this and more. Follow the story of What Love Looks Like, as the Ellis and Peterson families go on a cruise vacation that will change their lives forever. The characters include Lyric, Liana, Laura and Lindsay Ellis, along with their parents Cassie and David, as well as the Petersons: Nathaniel, Nicolas, and their father Xander…continue reading.

2019 Class Officer Election: Letters to Students

person dropping paper on box

The 2019 ASB Election Season is here! Read all about your ASB candidates in their letters down below, written to the students of Archbishop Murphy High School...continue reading…

2019 ASB Election: Letters to Students

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 10.47.01 AM.png

The 2019 ASB Election Season is here! Read all about your ASB candidates in their letters down below, written to the students of Archbishop Murphy High School…continue reading…

I Am Flawed

asphalt dark dawn endless

By Kainoa Evans

As a human, I loved doing many activities
And of course, celebrating a lot of festivities.
I loved to color papers to their fullest,
And thought cartoons were the coolest.
I despised spelling and learning to write,
Being told all of the time “you just aren’t right.” continue reading 

AMHS Fall Play: The Maid’s Trial; Joan de Arc

Joan of Arc

By Maddie Mayans

Okay, so picture this. It’s the 1400’s, you’re living in France, and you start to receive visions and hear voices from God. At first, you’re a little scared, uncertain, but you have faith, and listen to what God tells you to do. You lead France to victory against the English, before being captured and put on trial for over 70 accounts of heresy against the church.

This is the story of Joan of Arc. continue reading

Dragon Boat Festival

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 7.56.10 PM

By Melody Gao

Don’t have any plans for your summer yet? Well, it’s time to try something new! Celebrate The Dragon Boat Festival to start off your vacation! continue reading 

“He’s cute! You know, for an Asian guy”

black pink green and blue the color of love printed wall decoration

By Sophia Le

This is inspired by Grace Buchele Mineta’s blog post “Dear World, ‘He’s good looking, for an Asian guy’ is not a compliment. It’s kinda racist.” continue reading 

Hidden Talents of AMHS Students

close up of hand over white backgroundBy Rachel Williams

The community of Archbishop Murphy High School is home to many talented people. Some students take their skills one step further by sharing their talents outside of school as well. “Into the Jungle”wants to highlight just a few of the amazingly talented people on the AMHS campus. continue reading

2018: A Year of Entertainment for All

night television tv video

By Nathalie Chan ’19 and Miguel Villacorta ’19

2018 has been a MARVELous year for those who enjoy being entertained. Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War, this year has been marked with record-breaking films and music that change the culture of the nation…read more.

2018 Student Government Election: Letters to Students


By Lilly Young

The 2018 Student Government Election Season is here! Read all about your student officer candidates in their letters, written to the students of Archbishop Murphy High School…continue reading

73 Trapped in Bitcoin Mining Accident in Iceland

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 5.40.43 PM.png

By Bjarkar Auber

On Friday, April 13th, an NVIDIA pylon in the Marbjörn mine in Northern Iceland came crashing down, leaving around 73 miners stuck miles below the surface…continue reading

2018 ASB Election: Letters to Students

ASB Pics.png

The 2018 ASB Election Season is here! Who are you going to vote for? Read their letters addressed to YOU….continue reading

College: Teacher Insider Edition


By Lilly Young ’20

Have you ever wondered what your favorite teachers were like in college? How about any advice they could give you about the journey ahead of high school? What about special advice for the Class of 2018? Learn more about things you never knew about Mr. Smith, Dr. Taberski, Mr. Ellis, Mr. Glass, Señora Ryen, Mrs. Hayes, and Mrs. Latta during their college years…continue reading

Music for Health


By Rachel Williams ’20

Music: One hour a week could save you 15% or more on stress and depression levels

How many of you reading this article are struggling with one or more of the following: stress, depression, or sleep deprivation? All of you? Okay, then keep reading

How to Jump to China: What shape is the earth really?

earth-space.jpgBy Chris Trevor, Fe.D 

A brief glance into the pages of history reveals that humans have always struggled to understand the earth’s shape. In recent times, several groups have clashed against the common consensus about the earth’s shape. The “Jungle Crew” has made it our task to explore…continue reading

Healthy Mind, Healthy Soul, Healthy Wildcat


By Kainoa Evans ’20

School can be described as busy, stressful, and in some cases chaotic with all of the tests, exams, and assignments. On top of all that many students have extracurriculars that take up additional time. In the midst of all of this, time to relax and spend time with family and friends is necessary…continue reading

A Recap of 2017 and Looking Beyond


By Nathalie Chan ’19 & Miguel Villacorta ’19

2017 was a bitter year filled with conflicts in politics and world news. We’ve experienced mass shootings at churches, nightclubs, and schools. We’ve also experienced a lack of satisfaction within our government, multiple hate rallies, damage to our cities, and calls to violence. People were looking for an escape from reality and all the negativity in life. Luckily, America had a savior…continue reading

Prayer for Bungledorf


By Alexi Obillo ’18

This is a short narrative from the point of view of a God-fearing Christian woman, who lives in a utopian society free from the “shackles of currency”…continue reading

Memento Mori


By Mollie Brown ’18

Nosferatu loses his potato salad…continue reading

Eternal Youth


By Amanda Siggins ’18

Someone dreaming of a girl they lost in their past…continue reading

Random Facts


By Maddie Mayans ’20

Do you want interesting information about the Statue of Liberty, jellyfish, and the letters i and j? Continue reading

Bible Verses


By Grace Lefcourt ’20

The Word of God for encouragement, comfort, and inspiration. Continue reading

“In the Middle”


By Anonymous