The Robotics Club Returns to AMHS

By: Sra. Gale, Bianca Obillo, and Joshua Navaluna

After a 2-year hiatus due to Covid restrictions, the robotics club has returned – and though we started meeting a few weeks ago, it’s not too late to get involved! We meet in the Robotics Portable (across from the P304 classroom) every Thursday from 3-5pm and Saturday from 10-12pm. Our coaches/mentors include Sra. Gale, Mr. Echols, and Chris Marley (AMHS alumni).

Multifaceted Robotics Program

Robotics isn’t just about building robots and programming them – there are many different aspects involved in FIRST robotics beyond those two fields. Our sub-teams currently include the following:

  • Building/Mechanical Team: Responsible for building and designing the robot.
  • Electrical Team: Responsible for doing all the wiring and electrical engineering necessary to build the robot.
  • Programming Team: Responsible for programming the robot.
  • Business/Marketing Team: Responsible for fundraising, recruiting members, and creating promotional material.

In addition to technical skills, the life skills you learn in robotics can help you through your entire career! In this club, we learn about technical writing, gracious professionalism, team management, leadership, effective communication skills, and problem solving. 

There are many big competitions throughout the year, which are great opportunities to network, compete, and learn with other FIRST teams. There are also project-based awards.

FIRST offers college scholarships as well – if you participate in the FIRST robotics team, you may be eligible for these scholarships! More information about this can be found at

What Have We Been Up To?

Recently, we have been preparing for a car-racing competition. These cars will be entirely mechanically propelled, and built by the students using tool safety protocols through the application of the Engineering Design Process. Students have been introduced to safe tool use and have worked on dismantling the 2019 robot. They will be soon attend a programming workshop.

Through its provision of technical expertise, life skills and incredible scholarship opportunities, the Robotics club is sure to enhance your STEM capabilities and prepare you for any future career in science, technology, engineering or math.

Interested in joining the Robotics Club? Get in touch with our team at!

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