Pop Culture

A History and Analysis of eSports

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by Joey Chuang

Millions of dollars are spent on an entire genre of sports you might have never heard of. These sports attract tens of thousands of spectators from around the world. eSports, or Electronic Sports, is basically…continue reading

2018: A Year of Entertainment for All

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By Nathalie Chan ’19 and Miguel Villacorta ’19

2018 has been a MARVELous year for those who enjoy being entertained. Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War, this year has been marked with record-breaking films and music that change the culture of the nation…read more.

A Recap of 2017 and Looking Beyond


By Nathalie Chan ’19 & Miguel Villacorta ’19

2017 was a bitter year filled with conflicts in politics and world news. We’ve experienced mass shootings at churches, nightclubs, and schools. We’ve also experienced a lack of satisfaction within our government, multiple hate rallies, damage to our cities, and calls to violence. People were looking for an escape from reality and all the negativity in life. Luckily, America had a savior…continue reading