Flower World

by Corey Maxwell ’24

Do you enjoy gardening? Do you like to look at flowers and plants? Are you looking for a place to spend the day on a beautiful, sunny (or rainy) day? Well, there is a haven for you at Flower World!

Flower World is a nursery in the town of Maltby. It spans 15 acres, which is filled with gorgeous scenery, plants, and animals. Starting on just four acres in rural Snohomish County, Dutch immigrants John and Marijke Postema founded Flower World. Their business has been selling perennials, shrubs, trees, flowers, and much more since the ‘70s. Since, it has expanded into the international market, and its site has moved to what was once a dairy farm. 

As you begin to enter the driveway of this quaint plot of land, you are met by a large field of grass, in the middle of which is a large water fountain, where geese and swans often gather to drink. Just beyond resides the goats, chicken, ducks, and sheep of the petting zoo. Finally, atop a large hill, you reach your final destination – the nursery itself. There are many features that make the Flower World experience so enjoyable, but here are a few: 

  1. Complementary maps and pamphlets with information on how to raise specific plants
  2. Ornate, paved paths.
  3. Many ponds, some with fish and turtles, and bridges you can walk across as you enjoy the scenery.
  4. Complementary cups of apple cider and coffee (due to Covid-19 coffee is no longer available).
  5. 3 acres of greenhouse, providing warm shelter on rainy days.
  6. Statues scattered amongst the plants.
  7. A staff ready and able to assist you with your needs.

Every year my family has made 2-3 trips to Flower World. For my mom, it is a place to supply her garden with a variety of flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and garden supplies. For me, it has been a place to spend hours admiring nature. Whenever I go to Flower World, I am always enchanted by the beautifully organized display of plants, and I relish in the long walks through the nursery. If you are ever in need of a breath of fresh air, head over to Flower World in Maltby!