Starting High School Virtually

by Lindsay Mullins ’24

Freshmen year of high school is never easy for anyone, but starting high school online opens up a whole new world of worries. From organization, making friends, and managing homework online, the class of 2024 is definitely going to have a unique freshmen year. 

While many educators across the country – and especially here at AMHS – have tried to make online school as close to in-person school as possible, a lot of 9th-graders are worried about not being able to have the full freshman experience – having to navigate through the crowded halls, make new friends, go to football games, or even Homecoming. 

“The transition from middle school to high school was hard, especially doing it online,” says Anthony Tran. While some of the 9th graders transferred from public schools, and others from private schools, all of us are in a new environment. We have to get used to a new homework load, new classes, and new teachers, as well as being on screens for a good portion of the day. Aubrey Burns was concerned about not understanding the homework, how to turn it in, or using new apps such as Moodle, Remind, and PowerSchool. Noah Jimenez is worried about the homework load. Many people are also anxious about making new friends and developing connections with other students. Even when we come back to the AMHS campus, it is going to be hard to talk to people from six feet apart, and with masks on. 

While we’re all concerned about what this year will bring, the most important thing we can do is remain healthy and safe. If so, there is a possibility that we will all be back on campus full-time  by January. In fact, the freshmen are starting to attend school on campus in small groups starting on September 28! Lukas Hernandez and Cole Balen are just two of the many people who are excited and happy about this change, but others are worried about how to navigate the cam. No matter what the future holds, our AMHS staff and ASB will do their best to give us an amazing school year – the future is bright! In the words of Ms. Schmidt, remember to “Live the Murphy way… day by day.” Go Cats!