Amhs Fall Play: What Love Looks Like

photo of cruise ship on sea


By Maddie Mayans ’20

Do you like plays? Comedy? Romance? The AMHS fall play this year has all this and more.

Follow the story of What Love Looks Like, as the Ellis and Peterson families go on a cruise vacation that will change their lives forever. The characters include Lyric, Liana, Laura and Lindsay Ellis, along with their parents Cassie and David, as well as the Petersons: Nathaniel, Nicolas, and their father Xander. There are also numerous staff members who work on the cruise, including Teri, an insightful person who works at the bar, Cameron, a photographer, and Rose, who cleans the pool and eavesdrops on conversations. There’s also Trinity, the daughter of the captain, who is on the ship somewhat begrudgingly and who observes all the drama between passengers.


Throughout the play, these characters reflect on their friends, family and relationships, trying to figure out what love looks like amidst the chaos of a family vacation, a broken phone, romance, jokes, and a fight with pool noodles. It’s full of family, friendship, humor, romance and free orange juice.*


The cast and crew of the fall play have been rehearsing since the first week of school. They have worked hard to memorize lines, set up lights, incorporate sound effects, figure out costumes and paint the set pieces.


This is a family show, and people of all ages are invited to attend. Tickets are $5 for students and $8 for adults.


Come see the fall play, What Love Looks Like on November 9th, 14th, or 15th at 7pm, and the 16th at 2pm in the Murphy Black Box Theatre. You can buy tickets online at or at the door.


Here is an interview with Genna Kim, a senior in the fall play, who plays Liana Ellis, a shy, somewhat awkward high school senior who is about to find out what love looks like.


What is your favorite part of the fall play?

Genna: “My favorite part of the play is the cast members. I love spending time with the other actors and have become great friends with all of them.”


Why is the play meaningful?

Genna: “It shows love, manipulation, and many emotions. It shows that we should all love each other, even though we aren’t perfect.”


Why should I see the fall play?

Genna: “Maddie you’re in fall play, you have to be there.”


Why should other people see fall play?

Genna: “People should come see the fall play for a good laugh and to support the Fine Arts. It’s an entertaining show.”


How is the play going so far?

Genna: “Great. We can’t wait to perform!”


 Please support Fine Arts, and come see the fall play this November!


-Madeline Mayans, AMHS Class of 2020, Writer/Editor for Into the Jungle.


*Free with cost of admission