College Essay #4 – Why Us?

Based upon your exploration of (X) University, what elements of the (X) experience appeal to you?

By: Nicole Alvarez

I never leave spam emails unopened, as I’ve grown into the habit of utilizing every opportunity that comes my way. From my internship with the Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center to my position as a hostess, some of my most meaningful activities have resulted from sudden and impromptu “What if(-s)”? 

(X’s) unique opting for flexible distribution requirements will allow my business major to act as the springboard from which I can explore the incalculable opportunities that pique my curiosity! I may be led to the exploration of scientific dissemination in BIOS 312, or drawn to a (X) Business Society workshop. I may pore over the (X) Business Wisdom Magazine in search of my next research opportunity, or craft a topical article for The (X) Thresher. No matter where I’m led, I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to take hold of all that the (X) community has to offer. What if?