Emma and Ethan Kormanyos’s Life on the Ice

Emma and Ethan Kormanyos, sophomores at AMHS and an avid figure skating duo, have practically lived on the ice since they were three years old. While their history with figure skating began as nothing more than a family pastime, the twins have since made great strides in this passion of theirs, and recently achieved the impressive feat of securing positions on the United States’ 2022 National Development Team. 

Evidently, Emma and Ethan (‘24) have trained diligently to reach such a distinguished level in their figure skating career. Their love of performing for others at competition motivates them to skate for two hours after school each day, and volunteer at a “Learn to Skate” program on the weekends. Emma recalls moments on the ice with bliss, saying that there is no greater feeling than landing a complex jump. When asked about their favorite figure skating memory, the twins agreed that successfully landing a double axel jump – a move commonly referred to as “figure skating’s oldest and most difficult jump”- was unparalleled. Their recent third-place victory at Nationals, however, is surely a close second.

For all of these incredible achievements, the two student-athletes credit their coaches for developing their skills and helping them reach such an advanced level of competition. In regards to future prospects, Emma and Ethan hope that figure skating will allow them the opportunity to become professional athletes. AMHS looks forward to cheering on this talented duo at an upcoming Olympic Winter Game.