The AMHS Virtual Gong Show (Limited Edition)

Are you interested in performing in this year’s virtual gong show? Keep reading for more details about how you can create and submit a video to be shared with our school community.


How to Participate:

  • Step 1: CREATE a video of your talent; a minimum of 30 seconds, max of 4 minutes.
    • It can be a song, dance, skit, or any other kind of appropriate video.
  • Step 2: SUBMIT your video by uploading it to YouTube. The video needs to be unlisted and the comments section must be off.
    • An unlisted video is a video that is private to only you and people who you send the link to
    • To make a video unlisted, when uploading, there will be three options for the privacy of the video: public, private or unlisted. Click unlisted
  • Step 3: TITLE your video: “AMHS, (First name only), (name of your act)”
  • Step 4: E-MAIL the Youtube video link to ALL the following people:,,, 



  • April 14: Deadline to submit videos Videos must be emailed to all FOUR emails and must be “unlisted on Youtube.” Videos submitted after April 14 will not be included.
  • April 14-16: Talent videos will be made into a Youtube playlist
  • April 16: Students must make their videos “public”
  • April 17: The Gong Show will become public on YouTube
  • April 17-21: Students can vote for their favorite performances on survey monkey
  • April 21: Voting closes at 8:00 pm. Votes will be counted but not released until 
  • April 22: The top three winners will be announced at noon