AMHS Fall Play: The Maid’s Trial; Joan de Arc

Joan of Arc

By Maddie Mayans

Okay, so picture this. It’s the 1400’s, you’re living in France, and you start to receive visions and hear voices from God. At first, you’re a little scared, uncertain, but you have faith, and listen to what God tells you to do. You lead France to victory against the English, before being captured and put on trial for over 70 accounts of heresy against the church.

This is the story of Joan of Arc.

The cast and crew of the fall play, have been practicing since the first week of school. They have worked hard to memorize lines, figure out costumes and paint the set pieces. It is rated pg13 for some emotional scenes and intense content.

Come see the fall play, A Handmaid’s Trial, on November 9th, 10th, 11th, 15th, 16, and 17th in Murphy’s black box theater! You can buy tickets online at or at the door.


Here is an interview with Sean Murray, a senior in fall play, who plays Captain Robert Baudricourt, a bureaucrat in France who becomes Joan’s right hand man.


Favorite part of the fall play:

Sean: “I really enjoy the technical aspects of fall play. There are a lot of cool special effects and lighting I think that everyone will really enjoy.”


Why is the play meaningful?

Sean: “I feel like the fall play touches on some really, important emotional themes. Themes like faith, loyalty, betrayal, trust. It’s a show with a lot of depth.”


Why should I see the fall play?

Sean:“Maddie, you’re in fall play.”


Why should other people see fall play?

Sean: “The fall play this year is very different from any other play we’ve done at Murphy. I think that it’s emotional, I think it’s powerful, and I think that anyone who sees this play will really enjoy it.”


How is the play going so far?

Sean: “The fall play is actually going really well. We are locking in the final parts, and perfecting what we need to. It’s looking good so far.”


Support fine arts, and come see the fall play this weekend!