The Increasing Importance of Leaders of Change

by Mity Endeshaw ‘23

Leaders Of Change (L.O.C.) is a club at Archbishop Murphy that allows students to voice their experiences and perspectives while educating one another. LOC also raises awareness about racial, economic, and social differences. Students and advisors in the club strive to improve Archbishop Murphy so it can be a safe and comfortable community for all, especially students of color. Advisors and students in LOC have offered to explain what the club means to them and fellow members. 

Why did you join Leaders of Change?

Ms. Lucas (Theology teacher) – I joined LOC because I am passionate about helping to make AMHS a place where every student feels like their voice is heard and they can be an active member of the community. 

Keyshon Rife (‘21)– I joined LOC because I wanted to make a difference – not only on our campus but also in our community. I feel that my skills can be used to do great things with this group. 

LOC contains proactive members who want what is best for the students at Archbishop Murphy High School and often want to make a difference in our community. The club is here to guide such students to that goal, along with the possibility of making new friends to help you along the way!

Why do you think clubs like Leaders of Change are important for Murphy students?

Neah Napeahi (‘21)It’s important because it ensures all students feel like AMHS is a safe, welcoming space for them regardless of race, gender, religion, or sexuality. It also opens discussion for necessary topics, and allows us to voice our opinions and create a platform where others may do so as well. 

Mr. Stringfellow (Counselor) – I believe there is immense value in the clubs that we have on campus and the feeling of connectedness to the school that they bring with them. The relationships you make in clubs and sports – any groups really – and the things you accomplish in them are all important aspects of your high school experience. 

Students struggle to feel accepted for their differences, and often feel neglected. This is especially hard for freshman and transfer students. LOC wants to reach out to those students, for this club was made mostly for them. All together they don’t have to feel so alone and uncomfortable to express themselves. 

What changes has LOC made to Archbishop Murphy, or what changes could we make? 

Keyshon Rife– For me, it’s educating students and teachers on things they may not be familiar with – not so much as they need to understand us, but that they know we are here and ready to educate the people properly. When I leave Murphy, I want to be able to come back here and look at the footprint my fellow classmates and I have left on this campus. 

Mr.Stringfellow– LOC has done some amazing things – from meeting with department heads, leading an assembly during an MLK event, to meeting with Mrs. Mitchell when she was first brought into Murphy. Not to mention the awesome job they did as well by “Spreading the Love” at school, handing out stickers on Valentine’s Day, and all the other little things they do that many don’t notice, but that make this campus a more welcoming environment. I am super proud of what they have been able to accomplish. I believe that this group has only scratched the surface of their potential, and I am very excited to be working with them and to see what they can do!

Leaders of Change plans on continuing to make a difference within the Murphy community. All students are welcome, and have a comfortable and safe place to voice their opinions, thoughts or questions on important topics such as representation, inclusion and equality. I’d like to thank Mr. Stringfellow, Ms. Lucas, Keyshon Rife and Neah Napeahi, who are advisors and students in LOC that continue to represent the importance and drive that comes from The Leaders Of Change Club.