Healthy Mind, Healthy Soul, Healthy Wildcat


By Kainoa Evans


School can be described as busy, stressful, and in some cases chaotic with all of the tests, exams, and assignments. When we add our extracurriculars, hobbies, religious, and social aspects of our lives it may seem overwhelming. Here are some ideas for how to manage all that goes on in your life and how to stay optimistic through it all:

  • In the midst of everything, always find time to do your hobbies
  • Take opportunities to go out with pets, family, or friends through little things such as trips to the grocery store
  • High school is not just about academics, so be involved with school clubs and sports
  • If ever feeling stressed at home, school, or anywhere else, do deep breathing
  • Whenever issues or problems pop up, think of solutions instead of panicking
  • Always find time to relax (through activities such as yoga)
  • Manage your time well
  • When doing homework or studying for a test put your phone and other electronic devices in another room or floor of your home to prevent distraction
  • Listen to music when doing your homework or preparing for an exam to calm and soothe your mind
  • Manage your time wisely so you don’t have to miss sports or club activities to do homework
  • If you participate in an activity with equipment, try and prepare needed materials the day before a practice or competition
  • Pack your school bag the night before to prevent you from rushing the next morning
  • Have a water bottle with you everywhere you go and drink an adequate amount of water
  • Never miss any meal of the day (especially breakfast)
  • Use reminders on your phone, to-do lists, or your planner to remember important things such as birthdays, appointments, meetings with teachers, or assignments such as Membean
  • If you get a chance to travel or try something new, take the opportunity
  • Fill up some of your life with things that you enjoy and make you happy
  • Do not spend time with people who make your life more stressful; strengthen your relationships with people who truly support and care for you
  • Remember to do daily exercise whether that is working out at a gym, running on a treadmill, or biking in your neighborhood
  • Be happy with the person you are. Don’t be upset with how you look on the outside; you are beautiful
  • Do not feel like you are alone; there is always someone who can relate to you


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