Unknown Fate – Add-On Story

by Kaitlyn Cunningham ’25

Hey, Cats! Attached below is the introduction to the short story “Unknown Fate”. How do YOU think that this story should end? Submit your whimsical, humorous, or captivating continuations for publication here!

Blurb: Our character is named Red Graves. He is a mercenary in the kingdom of Niainria employed by King Merripen. Red lives in Niainria with his fiancé Spencer. Spencer is the kingdom’s potions master and he is a member of the military cabinet with Red and many of their friends.

The skin on the back of my neck pricked up as I walked through the ominous mist. I was chilled to the bone. Of all places this meeting could be, it had to be here. Of course. Eyes seemingly followed me everywhere I went. The air coming out of my mouth every time I took a breath seemed to jump away from the heat in my body and into the ice-cold wind. My cloak waved in the wind behind me and I found the name I was looking for. Arthur Ælfwing, a gentleman who had passed in the 1600s. I looked around and saw a misty figure in the fog, beckoning me to go away from this meeting place and follow it to an unknown fate. My eyes found where the creature’s eyes should be . . . there were just big black pits. It was the wandering phantom who had been following me for the past few days. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened, and I doubt it will be the last.. Souls of the people that I have killed, and who want revenge, follow me –  hoping that one day, I will give into their whispers and let them lead me to my demise.