Ms. Ryen’s Interview

Teacher: Señora Ryen

What college did you go to?

I went to Central Washington University and the University of Washington.

What did you major in?

Spanish and Reading

What degrees do you have?

Bachelor of Arts from Central, and a Masters in Education from UW.

Why did you choose the majors you did?

I went to Mexico as an undergraduate just for fun, and then my dad got really sick. My brother wrote me a letter telling me that I needed to graduate as soon as possible, so the thing I had the most of was Spanish. It was kind of one thing that lead to another. It’s given me a lot more in experiences, I mean, I love to travel and know another language and it really enriched that.

Best memory?

My best memory of college was foreign study and other countries to go to for quarters. I went to Mexico a couple of times, I did a quarter in Chile, and I did a quarter in Ecuador.

What was it like living abroad during your foreign studies?

There were a lot of lectures. So I was never sure if I didn’t understand the class because I didn’t understand the Spanish or if I didn’t understand economics. So it was like being in an extra-processing step.

Worst memory?

I would say probably fear of finals. Because, there are classes where your whole grade is based on two grades: your midterm and your final. Knowing that I’d have to sit in a room for 4 hours and write for 4 hours was daunting.

Did that fear ever lessen as you grew older and had more experiences?

No. [laughter] I would say that if someone told me today that I would have to write about a certain topic for 4 hours I would still be as nervous.

Do you have any advice for someone also in that situation?

Just to be as prepared as possible. I mean, that’s all you can do. Not to put off things to the last minute.

Were you part of any frats or sororities?

No, no. Central didn’t have any and I was already an adult when I went to UW.

What is one thing that you would tell your high-school self after going through college?

I was pretty happy in high school. But, I would say, to be focused on being satisfied with the person you are, because I remember that I always felt–there was always somebody who could do something better. So I always instead of being just like “Oh, well they can do it better” I was feeling like I wasn’t good enough. So, I think if I was more satisfied with myself and accepted who I was that would’ve made life better. But, in general I had a good experience.

What advice do you have for the graduating class of 2018?

Not to pass up opportunities. If there’s a foreign studies program, take it. If you have a desire to do something, do it while you still have the chance. And not to take shortcuts. Because sometimes those shortcuts ex-out experiences that you could’ve had.



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