Mr. Ellis’s Interview

Teacher: Mr. Ellis

What college did you go to?

St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas. I liked it.

What did you major in?

Major in history with a minor in education.

Best memory?

All of it? Is that an acceptable answer? College is the best.

Are there any specific things you remember?

Specific memories? I didn’t do anything that exciting for that while to what one memory would stick out. I graduated early, that was cool.

How’d you do that?

By taking more classes than I needed to each semester, that part was less fun.

Worst memory?

See that goes into sad territory, I don’t want to do that. So I’ll try to think of a fun, sad memory. Me and some of my friends tried to play soccer on the field where the team played one night.

We figured out how to turn on the lights, and it was like 11:30 or midnight. School cops called the real cops and we panicked and then we kinda dispersed and ran away. Because we just assumed it was just the school cops. And that was also how we ran away from real police as well! Maybe that’s a good memory. It was terrifying at the time, I was 19 at the time, it was fun.

Where you part of any frats or sororities?

There was no Greek life on campus, it was a small private school.

What is one thing that you would tell your high-school self after going through college?

Try harder, but also don’t try too hard because regardless of your GPA you’ll still get a job [laughter].


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