The Murphy Campus: A History

By: Audrey Russel and Thea Seckinger

Have you ever wondered about the history of our school? To learn more about our school’s past, we have to rewind almost 40 years to the beginning of Murphy, or Holy Cross High School, as it was first named. It wasn’t until 1999 that the campus was moved to where it is now and renamed Archbishop Murphy, after the late Archbishop Thomas J Murphy. Even then, our school only consisted of Holy Cross Hall and a few portables. There was no football field, softball field, or chapel, and. Only about 250 students attended Murphy each year. 

Original Holy Cross Hall

The softball and baseball field

It wasn’t until 2017, with the completion of the chapel, that AMHS really started to feel like the school we know today, complete with a place to play sports with friends, a place to experience God’s grace without any criticism, a place to make friends, and a place to grow. Now, as the last snow falls and the weather gets warmer, we prepare for spring break and take a moment to appreciate the campus we are lucky enough to enjoy. 

                Credit: Mikaela B.          Credit: Ivy G.       

To show some appreciation for our beautiful campus, we asked the students of AMHS to think of their favorite spots at school. Here are the responses we received:

“My favorite place on campus is the Chapel, because I like how it’s quiet.” – Laura McVicker (10)

“I like the cafeteria because it’s where I get to talk to people.” –Dimitry Lewark (10)

“I like the comfy armchairs in the ELC.” –Nicole Alvarez (12)

“The library (ELC) because I like Mr. Meehan and Ms. Hall, plus it’s a super comfy space.” –Laura Esping (10)

“Counselors’ center because it’s chill.” –Lizzy Robinson (9)

“Definitely the quad area or the Chapel.” –Mr. Matusak and Bubba

“The Chapel – it’s fire.” –Marco Herrera (10)

“The Chapel because I like looking at the trees.” –Mr. Meehan

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