(OLD) (Top) Left to Right: Rachel Williams, Dominique Brooking, Alex Tsikhotska, Madison Prappas, Alanna, Brayden Gateley, Miguel Villacorta, Natalie Chan, Lilly Young; (Bottom) Left to Right: Genna Kim, Erin Olvena, Zoe Hu, Grace Lefcourt

President: Nicole Alvarez

Vice-President: Julia Hawkins

Head Editor: Mity Endeshaw

Head of Technology: Blake Coleman

Media Manager: Kylie Daurie, Lucas Rios


Cory Maxwell

Lindsay Mullins

Sophie St. Jacques

Alex Mayans

Madison Hosking

Archer Hobson Fehlhaber

Creative Writing Club

Photo Contributors: Natalee Fischer, Mr. Meehan, Yearbook Staff, Photography Club

Club Advisor: Jami Zellner

Founders: Lilly Young, Rachel Williams