Sophomore Class Candidates

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 11.38.03 AM.pngHere is my Into the Jungle Letter!

Hello, my name is Blake Coleman, and I am running to be one of your 2019-2020 student council representatives. Some of the things that I like to do in my free time are play basketball, go running, study, and playing all kinds of games with family and friends. I am running for this position because I believe that Archbishop Murphy needs servant leaders that have experience bringing everyone together for a common good, and I believe that I have those leadership skills after going to two leadership seminars last year and taking a leadership class in seventh grade. I have learned the importance of hard work and dedication through putting many hours important projects for school, Boy Scouts, and other activities. I look forward to seeing our fantastic school grow next year with the help of our amazing student council! Thank you!

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 11.41.05 AM.pngHey AMHS, what’s up?!?!

My name is Taylor Campbell, and I am running to be in the 2019-2020 sophomore class office! Most of you guys are probably reading this because you don’t quite know who I am, and want to get to know me better, or you are just reading all the letters for fun! In case you guys don’t know me hopefully reading this letter will give you a better understanding of who I am. So let me introduce myself!

My name is Taylor and I have been attending Murphy for one year! (well duh I was only a freshmen this last year!) Most of you guys have probably seen me around school somewhere, as I like to be involved. This year I played girls soccer in the fall and girls basketball in the winter! (come out and support next year!) Anyways, I also got the opportunity to be a part of the freshmen student council and had a blast. Since I was on student council this last year I was a part of assemblies, and got to help out with some of the smaller things like making the birthday cards! Being on student council as a freshmen taught me that to take on the leadership role you need to have a lot of different qualities. For example you need to be able to listen to your fellow classmates, take responsibility if you make a mistake, and be able to lead by example. Although this is all super important to have, this can be a little boring to read, so let’s spice this letter up a little bit! I want this next upcoming school year to be unforgettable, so I have many ideas and things that we could do throughout the school year to make it a little more interesting. However, you will have to wait for my speech to hear them! But of course I will always take recommendations from you guys, and try my best to put them into place. My goal is to make everybody excited and happy for the next year, and all the fun things to come! Let me know if you guys have any questions!

Thanks for reading me letter! Hope you enjoyed it!

-Taylor Campbell

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 11.42.02 AM.pngGreetings, Wildcats!

As most of you people know me, my name is Kirk Shelton and I am going to be running for the AMHS student council of 2019-2020.  Before we get started on my plans for this school, let me introduce myself. I am one of the freshmen student council members of this school.  I attend as much meetings as I can for student council, and I announce Murphy news and events on social media and sometimes on the speaker. I take academics and sports seriously, so that I can reach my future goals.  I am involved in cross country and the swim & dive team. In and out of practices, I am a friendly and approachable person reaching out to others. I am not involved in any other clubs & activities, besides student council.  However, I am planning to join robotics, DECA and even more activities for my sophomore year.

You would see me walking around the hallways, eating lunch, or in your classes or activities.  Most people here would recognize me as your average, typical AMHS student at school, but I’m not.  I want to have a voice for you students at Murphy. I want to have a more inclusive and an academically motivating environment.  People in high school might think it’s boring and pointless because there could be fewer social events happening, not many people in clubs and activities, and zero academic inspiration.  As you know, high school is very serious and will go by fast and will majorly affect your college application. I would like to add more variety in activities and events into this school so that everyone will have fun and enjoy their time here at Murphy.  I want people here to reminisce the good and positive times they had here by adding more events like more dances and field trips. I would seek to listen to all your appropriate ideas and recommendations to contribute them into my plans for this school. In conclusion, I want to be in student council of 2019-2020 to represent you and help.  Thank you for reading this and I hope that you would acknowledge me as a sophomore student council member! Let’s all work together and make this school better for all of us!


Kirk E. Shelton

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 11.38.09 AM.pngMy name is Taylor Nilson and I am running for one of your sophomore representatives. I have been involved with our school’s JV soccer team, Track and Field team,  stage crew for the 2019 spring musical, and one of your freshman representatives. I have learned a lot from this previous year from being on student council and want to continue to serve the student body and school.  


Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 11.38.23 AM.pngHello I am Mikey. I am a freshman at AMHS at the moment. I would love to be student council, because I am a well-rounded person that gets along with everyone in the school. I would be able to connect with many people and help the needs of those people. You may recognize me from football, doing the musical, and even just walking around the school. I have been at this school since I was born, and I would love to help this school in any way possible. Also, I have been in a catholic school all of my life. I was born and raised a catholic, and a pretty devoted one too. I love playing football, and I understand that I am not going to go anywhere with it. But it really is a fun experience. I play tight end, and it is very active and tiring, but rewarding. My dad was one of the offensive coordinator. The musical is probably my favorite thing I do at the school. My mom teaches it and does a wonderful job. I am a singer, although singing in the morning during zero-period choir is not my most favorite thing ever because I can barely keep my eyes open. This year we did Tarzan for the musical. It was a great experience, I had 2 solos and 3 duets. 2 of them were with Tarzan who was played by Matthew Gordon who is a phenomenal singer and actor. I am a big math person, I have always loved it, and when I grow up I would like to be CFO of a company. So I am planning on going to college for that. I love playing basketball, but I cannot play it because I am doing the musical. But it is a really fun hobby to get involved in. It is all of these certain things that help me stay connected with every group in the school.

Thank you for reading,


Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 11.38.32 AM.pngHey! My name is Mckenzie Jarman, but I’m better known as MJ. I am running for sophomore class office for the 2019-2020 school year. In the fall, I played soccer which allowed me to meet new people from all grades and truly join the Murphy community. I also competed in DECA and found something that I am excited to participate in for the rest of my time here. DECA helped me find confidence in my communication skills and problem solving. Getting involved with my class and the school is a passion of mine and I want to connect with students from the whole school.

I want the opportunity to work with other people in leadership as well as others in my class to bring new ideas to life. Also, I want to get more involved in the school community and I believe this is the perfect way to do it. I am excited to learn from this opportunity and face the challenges that come with it. The idea of getting to work with new people is exciting and I hope to get that opportunity as one of the class officers for next year’s student council.

Thank you for reading!  

-Mckenzie Jarman