Junior Class Officers (Class of 2020)

Class of 2020,

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 9.21.40 AM.pngFirst of all I’d like to start off this letter by saying how much of a privilege it has been to serve as one of your class officers for the past two years. It has been an absolute blast working with you all, and I’ve been able to work alongside fantastic class officers. I’m very excited to run for class office once again for the opportunity to have the same great experience and to serve our class!

We’ve been asked to write this letter to the student body in order to give snapshots of ourselves, so I’m going to tell you all a little background information about myself. I try to be very involved at AMHS. I have been active in sports, and I have many activities outside of school that keep me quite busy. Examples of these include Mock Trial, Musical, Class Office, the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Explorers Program, and the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps (USNSCC). I have also been blessed to have many opportunities to sharpen my public speaking skills and hold leadership positions in multiple activities.

I also have a very busy summer ahead, as I am attending the US Naval Academy’s Crew Camp in Annapolis, planning to attend an FBI Academy in Baltimore, and have various trainings for the USNSCC such as Aviation training at the National Flight Academy in Pensacola, Florida.

However, I say this every year in my speech and it’s just as true now: I dislike talking about my past experiences and my involvement outside of school as “qualifications” for class office, because I know that the other students running for the same position are incredibly gifted, admirable, and overall amazing people. The focus of these elections in my mind is you, the student body, the Class of 2020. If elected, I promise to put my best foot forward in every endeavor, to make sure that every voice is heard, and to put the needs of the class first. I’m so thankful to you all for giving me the opportunity to be your class officer throughout these years of high school, and I would love it if you would give me that opportunity once more.

Thank you all so much,

Ryan Ohl

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 4.54.57 PM.pngHey guys!

My name is Lilly Young, and I am running for junior class office. First off, I want to say how much I have grown to love this community. When I first came to AMHS, I didn’t know a single person. After getting to know about the people here and finding my place in this community, I have come to love and appreciate the open arms that this school has welcomed me with since the very first day of freshman year. Now, I have the amazing opportunity of representing our school as an ambassador, and I have begun a successful online news platform called Into the Jungle. At home, I love to create, whether through playing the piano or cooking. Whenever I get the chance, I share my baked goods–I’m quite famous for my homemade macarons–with my community in order to express my appreciation for all the kindness I received.

But, I think it’s time to give back what this school has given to me, in the proper manner, and to serve the community that has provided me with so much. Why do I want to be your junior class officer? First, I believe that my past experience as a leader serves as my qualification for junior class officer. From serving as president in my previous school’s student council to leading the first ever online magazine club in AMHS history, I know what it takes to be a good and effective leader that gets things done. Additionally, my willingness to constantly improve and set new standards will drive me to be the best student officer I can be. I am outgoing and I always try to make sure that every single person feels part of the conversation. Above all, I want to be a part of our student government because I believe that you and I can bring genuine change to our community through action. I want to focus on the inclusion of all activities offered and not offered at our school, and let everyone shine in their own individual talents. I want to create an accepting community of all backgrounds and ideas, and create an environment that encourages challenge and growth. Most important of all, I want to be your voice and your reason for a good high school experience. Together, let’s make the 2018-2019 school year the most spirited, most fun, and most memorable junior year!

Go Wildcats!

Lilly Young

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 4.54.33 PM.pngDear Wildcats,

My name is Sage Oliveria (aka Spiceboy) and I am very excited to be running for class office. For those of you who do not know me personally, you might see me around campus carrying a blue lunchbox, or on the court playing basketball. Basketball has always been a big part of my life. Being a basketball player has helped me develop a “hunger” to always strive for greatness. Whether it’s myself, or my peers, I always bring positive energy to get the job done. The sport has really helped me shape the person who I am today.

Another thing about myself that you guys should know is that I am very friendly. I enjoy getting to know new people everyday at Archbishop Murphy. During the summer, I volunteer with children with special needs at Camp Providence, and that really helps me see how important bonds are with one another. My goal is to make our class and the whole school closer by creating, or strengthening bonds with one another.

After reading this, I hope you are just a little more familiar with who I am. Let’s make next year a great one!


Sage Oliveria

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 9.21.30 AM.png


I’m Rowan Krueger and I am excited to be running for ASB.

I am an outgoing and fun part of the Archbishop Murphy student body.  I play tennis, dive and played lacrosse this spring.

I was very lucky to be a part of ASB my freshman year.  I enjoyed working with my fellow officers and the teachers to plan events, set up for school activities, and represent my classmates as the great class of 2020.

I am hoping to once again be elected as an ASB officer.  I recognize that each student has a voice that deserves to be heard.  Archbishop Murphy is am amazing and talented community full of potential and fun.  As a class and a school our positive attitude and school spirit make almost anything possible.  You can count on me to be a positive and hard working representative of the Junior class.

Thank You,


Hey guys!

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 9.21.03 AM.pngMy name is Kainoa. Most of you probably see me around campus before and after school hours for choir, mock trial, and track and during hours walking in my socks and sandals between classes.


I have swam competitively since I was twelve years old on a club team and since freshman year on AMHS’ team and will be next year’s team captain. I have also started my first year of running this year by participating on the track and field team and will continue on the cross country team this fall. In addition, I am a member of the DECA chapter and the Mock Trial team because of my love of business, law, but especially public speaking. Moreover, I have been an ambassador for the last year, a writer for the advice column on the Into the Jungle Magazine, and a class officer for the last two years.

My primary goal is to include all of you into an even more engaging and exciting life on campus to make your time less stressful and more memorable especially during our junior year. I promise to you all that I will do my best to accomplish this by being responsible, reliable, and optimistic in order to be an effective and productive leader. I live by the motto of always putting others first no matter how busy life may become and I promise to put all of you first next year. I am someone who is outgoing and open to any ideas you may have so please never hesitate to ask me questions or suggest your ideas!

Each and every one of you deserve to have a memorable and enjoyable time at AMHS. I will make sure to support all of the sports, activities, and clubs you are all apart of by giving each of you representation and serve all of you the best I can. Being an officer for the last two years has been a great honor and privilege and I hope to continue to serve you all as one of your junior class officers next school year.

Thank you.

Kainoa Evans

Hi guys!

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 9.21.22 AM.pngMy name is Sarah Kenny, and I am running to be one your class officers next school year. For those of you who are not familiar with me, let me give you a crash course. I have been a class officer for the past two school years, I play tennis in the springtime, I’m a member of the band, I’m in the multicultural and French club, and I alter serve at school masses. All of that is in addition to, you know… being in class with you guys. The reason why I all take part in all of these extra-curriculars is because I enjoy challenging myself and building relationships with diverse and unique people. I take on leadership positions in these extra-curriculars, because I also feel like I’m a generally organized person and enjoy planning things. That’s why if you don’t have the homework, just ask me and I’ll most likely have it written down in my large planner.

However, the things I have listed above are not the only reason as to why I have taken part in student leadership. While those things have given me a lot to enjoy about Murphy, participating in these school activities has helped me to personally get to know a lot of people in the school and to understand and recognize the talents and needs of our class. The people that are in the sophomore class are incredibly spirited and amazingly talented. Hearing about all the things we’ve accomplished makes me immensely proud and honored to have the chance to represent you on student council. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I can’t wait to give you my speech!

Sarah Kenny

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 9.21.13 AM.pngHello! A lot of you might know me, but for those who don’t, I am Eli Hellman. As you can see I am running for your 2018-2019 class office. I am fairly involved here at Murphy, but I would like to be even more. So I raised the question “why not?” why not run for student body.

There are many things that I feel I could contribute for next year, I also have lots ideas! Some ideas I have are to come up with multiple sports tournaments. Kickball, soccer, basketball,dodgeball and or ping pong. This would take place after finals or during CPs. Everyone would come up with their own teams and compete for a prize.

Another idea I have is to do a junior class service project. Everyone would sign up and we could bond together and serve others! This would be an easy way to get some extra hours of service.

Last but not least, I would like to start an email system that sends out emails on days whether we have late start, liturgy dress, a spirit day and etc. With this email system the class as a whole could be more organized.

To finish this up so I don’t bore you, I just wanted to say have a great day and Vote for me!

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 4.54.43 PM.pngHello, I am Joey Warner. You may have seen my standing on the sidelines at football games. You may have also seen me play four characters in this year’s spring musical. I’d say you’ve probably seen me play lacrosse too, but I’m not sure anyone other than teammates actually have. I’m also a part of the AMHS concert choir, and I take many challenging classes. I’d like to help make a positive impact on our school, which is truly a home to me, but I need your help, so please remember to vote for me on Election Day! Thank you!